FMM Residency Fair Saturday
Tips for students and programs 

We typically have over 50 programs ready to meet with interested students, so make sure YOU are ready to meet with them.  That means prepare!  Visit the website for all programs at any time to learn about the programs and plan for your live discussions.  Explore their amazing websites, watch their cool videos, and gather information to ask effective questions DURING the fair.  We even have a list of questions covering various topics to help you prepare!  

NEW:  AAFP's Region 2 (Midwest) FMIG Coordinator Samantha Busch presented tips in a June 20 webinar - View the slides here

Some do’s and don’ts for a fabulous fair experience:

-Dress for success- comfortable but polished.
-Bring specific questions about aspects of each program that match your interests or curiosity
-Give complete and honest information on your registration form, as it will be used to generate a list of participating students for the participating residency programs. 
-Be efficient in summarizing who you are and what you’re looking for (the elevator speech)


-Don’t ask generic questions that are easily answered on the program’s web site
-Don’t bring copies of your resume
-Don’t contact program directors or coordinators directly unless they specifically ask you to.