Point of Care Ultrasound Workshop

Learning objectives: 
By the end of this preconference workshop, attendees should be able to
  1. Perform basic point of care ultrasound techniques to examine the heart, lungs, gallbladder, aorta, kidneys and bladder.
  2. Perform an exam to rule out a deep venous thrombosis (DVT) in the legs.
  3. Perform a FAST exam.
  4. Identify basic pathology that can be found during a POCUS exam

Station 1: MSK (Dr. Berg)
Station 2: Heart / lungs (Dr. Cherukuri)
Station 3: Kidneys / bladder / gallbladder (Dr. Montie)
Station 4: Abdominal aorta / FAST (Dr. Ramer)
Station 5: DVT rule out exam (Dr. Nissly)


Jonathan Dickman, MD, PhD
Allina Health United Family Physicians, St. Paul, MN

Mark Berg MD
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Woodwinds Hospital Family Medicine Residency

Chandra Cherukuri, MD

Tony Zhengyu Cui MD

Gerald "Jerry" Montie, MD 

Tanner Nissly, DO

Timothy Ramer, MD