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The session evaluation will pop up in a new window at the end of each session.  Missed the evaluation or nothing popped up?  No problem!  Click here to complete a session evaluation.  You can use this link for any and all sessions.
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Registration & Access

How can my friend or colleagues register last minute?  

Call Diana Hernandez at 815-207-1493 to register over the phone.


Who do I contact to receive a receipt or invoice for my conference registration?

Please contact Diana Hernandez at [email protected]


How do I log in?

Go to Login using the email your registered with. You do not have to log in through your email. The Email is just your username. The password was emailed to you from FMM staff.


I can't log into the conference site?!
Family Medicine Midwest Conference will be hosted on the Virtual Event Place platform -

You should have received an email from Family Medicine Midwest on Thursday November 12th & Friday November 13th with login instructions.  Please check your spam or junk folders.  If you still cannot log in please contact Diana Hernandez at [email protected] or 815-207-1493.


How do I change my password on the conference site?  

When you first log in using the default password, you will be prompted to change your password. 

Forgot your password? No worries, please use the password reset button and check your email inbox for details. Make sure to check your spam folder in the event it lands there. The email will come from [email protected].


How do I update my conference profile?  

To ensure that your profile is complete and accurate, simply select Update My Profile from the drop down menu under your photo icon in the upper right corner. Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the screen.  You can view your changes by clicking on My Profile at the top of your screen on the right hand side.

You will be landing in the event lobby. From here you can navigate to the various room of this event by clicking on the room title (eg. Networking Lounge) or by clicking on the room title at the top of the screen.


How do I text and video chat?

You are able to use the chat feature on every page of the platform.

Choose to chat with the entire group by placing your comments or questions in this box below.

Select specific users from the dropdown and checkmark the Whisper function to have a private conversation.

A video chat feature is also available—click on the Call feature beside the person’s name. Users have the option to answer the call or hang up.


I'm trying to access areas of the conference site, but I keep on getting a "only" message.
This means the page is still loading. Your connection might be slow, or the server is slow at the moment. Please give it time. If it still doesn't load, please click on the NEED HELP blue button on the lower right side of your conference platform screen for technical assistance.


Education Sessions & Claiming Credit


How do I claim credit for this conference?  

For Live sessions – at the end of each live session a short survey will pop up.  Please complete this survey and credit claim question.  This is how you will claim credit for attending any live sessions.

For Independent Learning sessions – when you click on each session you will see a “claim credit” box at the top.  Please click on that to indicate you have completed the session.  This is linked to your conference account. 

When will I get my CME Certificate?  

After the conference site expires on December 13, 2020, FMM Staff will tally all the credit claims from live and independent learning.  CME Certificates will be emailed mid to late December 2020.


How many credits can I claim?

For the live sessions you can claim up to 8.00 credits.


For the independent learning sessions you can claim up to 13.25 credits during the conference, and up to 26.75 credits after the conference, November 15 - December 13th (when the live sessions becoming independent learning/enduring materials)


Accreditation statements and credit designation statements can be found at the bottom of the handouts page


Is there a conference evaluation?

Yes!  Please give us your input on the conference by completing the conference evaluation


Will the live sessions be recorded and how can I access them? 

Yes they will be recorded and appear on the platform until Dec. 13 under Independent learning. Recordings of the live presented sessions will be available after Nov. 16 


How do I access the independent learning sessions? 

In the Lobby of the conference click on “Auditorium” or “Education Sessions” at the top banner.  Once you have clicked on that you will see two “tracks”: Education Sessions & Independent Learning.  You can view all independent learning sessions here.


How do I access the independent learning poster sessions? 

Independent learning poster sessions can be found here.


How do I access handouts from sessions?  

You can access them online here


How long will the 2020 virtual conference platform be up? 

Until December 13, 2020


Expo Hall & Residency Fair


How do I talk with exhibitors?  

Go to the Expo Hall and select the exhibitor you want to learn about. You can also use the search tool (located at the top of every page) and input the exhibitor name, or browse exhibitors by floor. Main conference exhibitors are located on the “Resource Center” floor of the Expo Hall. Healthcare Recruiters are located on the “Career Corner” floor of the Expo Hall.  


Once viewing an exhibitor’s booth on the webpage, you can engage in conversation with a booth representative by using the Chat button or click on Leave a Business Card so that exhibitors may follow up with you.

How do I talk with residency programs? 

The fair is open any time during the FM Midwest Virtual Conference November 13-14 for students and conference attendees to enter and view the booths, review their materials and websites, leave messages etc. It’s up to each exhibitor to decide how much they can devote a person to “watching” the booth to reply to chats or say hello.  The Expo Hall is divided by floors and Residency Programs are grouped by state.

The Residency Fair hours on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon have no other events going on at that time where exhibits will be staffed to answer questions, accept direct video chats or hold “live zooms and breakouts” with attendees.  Each program will have their preferred method of live conversations posted in their booth.    We hope this makes it easier for you to schedule your time and attend live or recorded sessions that you would enjoy at a live conference. 

The exhibit booths will remain accessible for 30 days to all conference registrants.  Therefore, you may continue to research programs all month long. You can also still leave your business card up until December 13.  All business cards will be sent to the booth contact to follow up with you.

How do I know which programs consider International Students? How to connect with residency programs and exhibitors?

Check this list before you go to the Expo Hall to see which programs you should visit




How do I get in contact with an FMIG? 

Contact AAFP’s FMIG Regional Coordinator, Brynn Wright - she’s at the conference or you can email her directly at [email protected] and she can connect you to FMIGs established inte FMM States. 


Social Media

How do I connect to FMM on social media? 

Twitter: @FMMidwest 

Facebook:  Search Family Medicine Midwest

Instagram: @FamilyMedicineMidwest


What is the FMM conference hashtag?  



Family Medicine Midwest Leadership

How do I join FMM leadership? 

Email Jennifer O’Leary at [email protected] 

How do I apply for a student and resident board position?

We are accepting applications for the next student and resident board members.  If you are energized and passionate about family medicine and building the future for this Midwest region, apply by December 1.  You can find more information and the link to apply on the Foundation web site at or visit the FMM Booth at the conference. You will need your CV and a headshot photo to upload with your application.  


The FMM Board of directors will decide among eligible applicants at their December 18 board meeting and then the new resident and student will begin their terms in January 2021. The resident and student board members will also be an integral part of the 2021 FM Midwest conference in Minneapolis, so make sure that you block off August 27-29 before submitting your application.    


2021 Conference


How do I submit an abstract for the 2021 conference? 

Abstracts will open Jan 1, 2021.  Please check the FMM website for up to date information. 


When is the 2021 FMM conference?
August 27-29, 2021 at the University of Minnesota. Click here to see Save the Date flyer


How do I donate to the FMM Scholarship Fund?
Go to and click on Donate Now to donate directly online.  You can specify where you’d like to support students. 


How does my organization join the  FMM Foundation? 
Visit or contact executive director Jennifer O’Leary at [email protected]




How do I get in contact with AAFP?  

[email protected] or 800-274-2237 or
If you are a AAFP member click here to log in

If you are not a member go to 


How do I get in contact with my local AFP state chapter?

A list of the 12 Midwest state Academy of Family Physicians chapters that participate in FMM can be found in the networking lounge or by clicking here.


Still have a question?  Click on the blue “Need Help” at the bottom right of screen when in the conference site to be connected with staff or email FMM staff at [email protected].