Family Medicine Midwest - Call for Abstracts

Family Medicine Midwest - 2020 Virtual Conference, November 13-14, 2020

The Family Medicine Midwest Education Planning Committee invites physicians, residents, students, healthcare and non-healthcare professionals to submit abstracts for the 2020 Virtual Family Medicine Midwest Conference. This year, the committee would like to request submissions that incorporate innovative ideas both in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as those that directly relate to diversity, racism, and equality in family medicine. We look forward to receiving your submission and continuing to learn from each other when we virtually come together in November.

Please note: The 2020 Call for Abstracts is now closed. Notification of acceptance will be sent in August.

Important Dates

Deadline for abstracts – June 21, 2020 at 11:59pm CST 
Deadline for student posters - June 28, 2020 at 11:59pm CST
Notification of acceptance – August  2020
Conference - November 13 -14, 2020

**Please note the June 28th poster deadline is for student poster submissions ONLY. All other types of submissions, including students submitting for other types of sessions AND resident/physician posters, are due by the June 21st Deadline**

Important Links

Teaching Methods

Please review the following teaching methods and select the format that best represents how you would develop and deliver your presentation.

Knowledge into action talks (KIA) (30-minute sessions)
Sample KIA abstract submission
Purpose: These 30-minute sessions are an opportunity to share critical information about patients, families, the healthcare system, community, society, advocacy, and their intricate interactions. As adult learners, family medicine students, residents, and faculty most need to understand how to use information, rather than just receiving it. The focus of these sessions should be on creation of tangible ideas, thoughts, or plans from the knowledge, rather than just the giving and receiving of knowledge.

All KIA talks should be centered around an ACTION section. This is preferably action that participants can take immediately, which may be tangible or intangible: experiences during the talk, creation of plans, curricula, outlines, ideas, position papers, documents, connections, collaborations, blog posts. Areas of interest for Knowledge into Action talks may include:

  • Family medicine’s role in current events
  • Practice improvement
  • Translation of medical knowledge into practice
  • Patient engagement or empowerment
  • Student/resident advancement and interests
  • Faculty development

Seminar (1-hr or 30-minute sessions)
Sample Seminar abstract submission

Purpose: To give practical information and methods to enhance practice improvement through health information and patient education efforts. Seminars should include a combination of presentation and active involvement of participants. Preference will be given to presentations that maximize use of learning time and those that actively involve the learners. Audience participation is required; Q&A alone is not sufficient.

Learning from Patients (15-minute sessions)

Purpose: To report on unique history and physical finding, difficult-to-make diagnoses, or common conditions with unusual presentations. The focus of the session will be on presentation of interesting cases for the audience to learn from.

Panel (1-hr or 30-minute sessions)
Purpose: To provide multiple speakers to give brief presentations and answer questions.

Presentation of scholarship (15-minute sessions)

Purpose: To provide an opportunity to present about research, scholarship, curricular design, teaching programs, community service, quality improvement or other topics of interest to family medicine.


Purpose: To provide an opportunity for one-on-one discussion of a presenter's innovative project or research in practice improvement through health information or patient education.  Please note: Students are given the highest priority for acceptance, followed by residents.


Questions regarding abstracts or your submission?  Please contact Sara Ortega at [email protected]